#SheCanCoach Video Launches Today!


Changing the Game – Changing the Conversation public campaign #SheCanCoach officially launches February 1, 2018



Changing the Game – Changing the Conversation is a program to recruit new female coaches and change public perceptions about who can coach.

A dedicated public campaign, #SheCanCoach, launched February 1st and features produced video content, website, and social engagement. Check out. to get involved!

The #SheCanCoach campaign features video shorts, a dedicated website, and a social media engagement to encourage more action to be taken at every level of sport to support women in coaching.

The campaign will highlight:

  • The lack of women in coaching and sport leadership (only 30% of coaches in Canada are women)
  • The need for more women in coaching
  • The benefits of balanced sport leadership (Males and Females on the bench)
  • That women can and do make great coaches!

The CAO, with funding from Ontario 150, launched Changing the Game (CTG) in 2017. CTG, the program side of the project, successfully recruited more than 250 new female coaches into over 50 different sports across Ontario. Changing the Conversation (CTC) will build on that success to change public perceptions about who can coach.

We Believe #SheCanCoach!

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