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Stars Just Added to #OCC19!
Tuesday, January 15, 4 days agoNo Comments
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Coach2Coach: Focus and Injury Prevention
Thursday, January 3, 2 weeks ago
How does focus influence injury prevention? Have you ever wondered how an athlete could get injured doing something they’ve done “a thousand times?” Of course, some injuries are the result of poor technique, lack of experience, other players, and faulty equipment, but what about the injuries that occur when an athlete knows...
WIN a Coaching Experience with CUJO & Glenn Healey!
Friday, January 11, 1 week ago
Win a chance to coach on the bench with celebrity coaches Curtis Joseph & Glenn Healey at the CWHL All-Star game January 20 in Toronto! Simply purchase a discounted 45% off ticket, now just $15.00. Enter today to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Contest closes Friday January 18 at 9am.

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